Could there have been a director who had so many controversies before taking office? For coach Jurgen Klinsmann (58), concerns rather than expectations, and cynicism rather than welcomes follow. This is because no one can give a definite answer to the question, ‘Is a manager really necessary for Korean football at this point?’ It didn’t help that Michael Müller, the head of the National Team Strengthening Committee, came forward and put forward Klinsman’s strong personality, ability as a manager, or humane aspect. Football fans may feel that they need a manager more as a strategist who can penetrate the flow of modern football rather than a manager with a name.

As a player, I know Klinsman well, but as a manager, it is also true that I do not know Klinsman very well. It is true that it is difficult to clearly evaluate what kind of coach he is based only on his profile and grades alone. That raises anxiety.

As for what kind of manager Klinsman was, he listened to the evaluation of the American media, which he directed for five and a half years. (It is said that Löw was in charge of tactics during the German national team, so Klinsmann’s time as coach of the US national team must have been a time to show Klinsmann’s real football.) , against Costa Rica) after losing all of them. At that time, the ‘New York Times’ published an article titled ‘Klinsman, who promised so much to American football, what did he leave behind?’ 스포츠토토

In this article, some of Klinsman’s football colors are revealed. It is a fact that everyone knows that like any coach, he tried to use players who are active on a higher stage, that is, in European football. Also, this topic caught my eye.

‘Klinsman said he wants to see it become a delicate possession style football team where the players are confident in carrying the ball. … But the promised change in football style was neither sharp enough nor consistent enough.’

‘Klinsmann did not give specific shirt numbers to national team players at the beginning of his tenure. He used numbers 1 to 11 for players entering the game, and numbers 12 to 23 for substitutes. … But the selection and starting rosters and the players’ positions changed so often that it was almost impossible for anyone to get a specific shirt number.’

‘Football that is confident and delicately owned’. It was a great blueprint. But it wasn’t enough to add any color to American football. It was also pointed out that too many changes had confused the players. In fact, cases of conflict with veteran players over the selection of representatives were also revealed. It wasn’t just failures, though.

‘It is commendable to have such talented young players selected for the senior national team. Pulisic and other prospects can be expected to be players who will be with the national team for a long time even after Klinsman’s departure.’

At the time, the ‘Washington Post’ took issue with Klinsman’s perception of reality. When the red light was turned on to advance to the World Cup after losing to Mexico and Costa Rica one after another, he said, “The US team is still in the process of finding itself.” Moreover, these were the words spoken at a dinner with German Chancellor Merkel and US President Obama. In a crisis situation, remarks that were too overbearing were worthy of controversy.

It has been more than six years since Klinsmann’s relationship with the US National Team ended. He has been taking a long hiatus as a leader, although he has been coached by Hertha Berlin for a two-month period in the interim. I wonder how to bridge the time gap. Being a star, he tends to believe too much in his own philosophy of success. Rather than finding a tactic that suits the team’s situation, you can also see how players are matched to the style of soccer they want. It is unknown how Klinsmann’s football philosophy may have changed over time.

Klinsman will return to Korea in a week. For Klinsman himself, it’s time to regain the trust he lost as a manager. It is also a time for our soccer to dream of going beyond the World Cup round of 16. What kind of soccer will Klinsman release?

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