I hear music from the morning. The time to receive the infield defense fungo alone is over two hours. For infield players, every day is hell. The Lotte Giants went back to the ‘old school’ way to get rid of the stigma of being the weakest defensive player.

Lotte starts early walk for defense from 9:00 am. However, this early walk continues right before lunch. Only the time specified in the training schedule table is two and a half hours. Even if you take a short break in between, the actual training time is well over 2 hours. In this year’s spring camp, Lotte is as sincere as it is in defensive training. Efficient training is also important, but it was decided that increasing the absolute amount of training was desperately needed to reinforce and strengthen the defense, which was a weakness.

Last year, Lotte was at the bottom of the league in defensive efficiency (DER) figures at .649. Considering that the defense-related ERA (FIP) was 3.61, which was the highest level in the league, the average ERA of 4.45, which stayed in ninth place in the league, soon resulted in an evaluation that the defense was unstable. The pitching staff did not receive help from the defense, and this was linked to grades.

In the end, Lotte bitterly reflected. To complement the defense, it went back to the old-fashioned but reliable training method. Defensive coach Moon Kyu-hyun said, “I realized that we are lacking a lot and we need to do more. So I plan to focus on early work and focus on defensive extra training.” From the point of view of coach Moon, who joined in 2002 and has been working for Lotte for over 20 years, including active duty, the amount of training in this year’s spring camp is bound to be different. He said, “I think I will probably do the most defensive training since coach Kang Byeong-cheol (2006-2007),” and predicted that it would be a “previous amount of training.”

The defense early work in the morning is for all infielders. Normally, spring camp is conducted in a 3-day turn of ‘3 days training – 1 day rest’, but this year Lotte will proceed with ‘4 days training – 1 day rest’ during the Guam spring camp that lasts until the 19th. Since the first training turn included the day of entering Guam, it is conducted in the form of ‘training for 3 days – rest for 1 day’, but after that, all of them are held in 4-day turns.

During the 4-day training turn, all infield players are required to receive a fungo in the morning for two basic innings. For a smooth and efficient infield fungo, in addition to defensive coach Moon Kyu-hyun of the 1st team, Kim Dong-han coach of the 2nd team entered Guam and played fungo at the same time. It is rumored that players stick out their tongues saying that coach Moon Kyu-hyun’s fungo pitch and strength are more difficult. However, this does not diminish the amount of fungo the two coaches hit.

Each day, four players receive between 1500 and 2000 fungos. And players who still need to improve their defense and gain experience receive extra training under Guam’s hottest sun after 2 p.m. 먹튀검증

During the last 2-3 days and the first two days, Han Dong-hee was exhausted as he received early work fungos. In the case of Han Dong-hee, who has been raising defense and weight issues, “It’s difficult at that moment, but it’s fun. He’s also right that he has to do it anyway and needs to get better. He knew that his defense was lacking, and he tried to take a lot of defense training, but the coach had a similar idea,” he said. He needs to get better, so I think he’ll definitely get better,” he said of his intense defensive training.

The team was reinforced by recruiting a large number of players from the free agency market. However, realizing the proposition that you can’t even raise your grades unless you become ‘basic’, you try to hold the spring camp more intensely. Will Lotte be able to develop into a solid team with a different defense than before this year?

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