The ‘2023 Doosan Match Play Championship (total prize money of 900 million won)’, the only match play competition on the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour, ended on the 21st after a five-day fierce battle.

Seong Yu-jin took the championship trophy at the Chuncheon Ladena Golf Club (par 72). Seong Yu-jin, who passed the group stage with three consecutive victories, defeated Lim Hee-jeong (23, Doosan E&C) from Taebaek, who finished third in the tournament last year, in the round of 16, and Yoo Seo-yeon 2 in a row in the quarter-final. Overpowered and made it to the finals. Seong Yu-jin, who gained momentum, won the final relatively lightly. She took a 3-hole lead in the first half and put pressure on Park Hyeon-kyung. In the end, she won 4 & 3 with 3 holes left and became the ‘Match Queen’ with 7 consecutive wins.

The performance of Gangwon golfers who participated in this tournament was disappointing. The player with the best score was Han Jin-seon (26, Kakao VX) from Sokcho. From the first game of the tournament, Han Jin-sun, who defeated Kim Rian 7 and 5, advanced to the quarterfinals. However, he suffered a disappointing loss to Na Hee-won after an extended match in the quarterfinals. Na Hee-won’s tee shot fell into the difficult rough in the first overtime of the quarterfinals and was given an opportunity, but it was regrettable that Han Jin-seon could not put her second shot on the green. In the end, Han Jin-sun committed a bogey in the 3rd overtime and lost.

Park Ji-young (27, Korea Real Estate Trust) and Lim Hee-jeong, from Wonju, who topped the prize money rankings, were defeated in the round of 16 by finalists Park Hyun-kyung and Seong Yu-jin, respectively. Kim Min-byeol (19, Hite Jinro) and Jang Ha-na (31) from Chuncheon, and Hwang Jeong-mi (24, Pepper Savings Bank) from Wonju were eliminated from the group stage, while Lee Da-yeon (26, Mediheal) from Wonju suffered an injury in the first game and missed the tournament. abstained from스포츠토토

Meanwhile, Ladena Golf Club, which hosted the tournament, plans to welcome golf enthusiasts while maintaining the course until the 28th. The characteristic of the Ladena Golf Club course is its fast green speed, which usually boasts over 4.0m, but is currently set at 3.9m ahead of the tournament at the request of the KLPGA.

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