Kim Tae-seok’s Cup of Soccer

Despite the fuss caused by the Korea Football Association’s amnesty, a disciplinary soccer plan involving match-fixing participants, last weekend’s K-League ended in an enthusiastic atmosphere from fans as if it had never happened. . There was also an unusual scene in which some fans expressed their anger by hanging hangings criticizing the wrong behavior of the Korea Football Association, but overall it was a lively atmosphere no different from before. 토토사이트

Then came a calm Monday, no different from any other. When I think of the aftermath after the announcement of the amnesty plan by the association, which was so tumultuous, I feel quite repulsed by this atmosphere as if nothing had happened. Was this issue a very trivial ‘happening’ that could be skipped over with just one statement that Korean Football Association president Chung Mong-gyu bowed his head and apologized for?

Calm, but uncomfortable. At some point, the famous line of Lee Kang-hee, one of the characters in the movie <Inside Men>, “The public is a dog pig anyway. Why are you paying attention to dog pigs? It is an atmosphere that seems to pass quietly enough to think that it is not. Oh, it’s a samurai, but another line of this character, Lee Kang-hee, is really giving me the feeling of penetrating the current situation. Let’s hear it again.

“We just have to persevere until the end. Doesn’t our nationality boil and cool down quickly? To those who want to cry, we give something to cry, and to those who want to curse, we give something to curse at. If you think hard, cry and curse, and relieve your stress, won’t you get tired of yourself?”

Isn’t that the heart of wanting to get tired of self-publishing, maybe the heart of the Korea Football Association’s top team who wants the harsh rainstorm of the aftermath storm to stop? Of course I hope it’s a misunderstanding. However, it was a process that could not be considered as a misunderstanding. It is all the more so when you consider the scene of the temporary board of directors of the Korea Football Association on the 31st of last month. Considering the temporary board of directors’ situation, which took about an hour, and taking into account things such as taking photos for the media release, it took about 40 minutes.

Although they announced in advance that they would not be asked questions, the head of the Korea Football Association on that day had to ask questions even if they were sick. Despite the fact that there were so many things to ask, this doubt turns into confidence when you look at the back of Chairman Chung, who turned around after announcing his statement for about 3 minutes. It is doubtful that he really hoped that the K-League would be somewhat quiet after the weekend when the K-League was to take place, as he withdrew the amnesty, which was like touching a beehive.

Since even the end was absurd, soccer fans must continue to ask and argue about the questions left by this incident in order to prove that they are not so-called ‘dog pigs’. ▲ Who the hell are the 100 people who are subject to the amnesty in question ▲ Who are the ‘front-line footballers’ who desperately wanted a pardon? There are so many issues that fans are curious about, such as who the football association executives are. Shouldn’t we give fans at least a standard to ‘identify friends and family’?

Like the atmosphere on Monday as if nothing had happened, this issue has come too far to move on by saying sorry for not being able to meet the fans’ eye level and causing them concern. From a political point of view, it is only when a certain degree of responsibility is taken that this case can be properly concluded. So, if you are a soccer fan, you should keep asking the Korea Football Association like this.

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