Noah “Thor” Syndergaard has expressed his frustration with the Los Angeles Dodgers after being traded.

The Dodgers traded Syndergaard to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Nov. 27.

The Dodgers acquired Syndergaard for $13 million before this season.

However, Syndergaard did not live up to the Dodgers’ expectations. In 12 starts, he went 1-4 with a 7.16 ERA.

Eventually, the Dodgers placed Syndergaard on the disabled list after his June 8 start. They said it was due to a blister, but they wanted to reevaluate his pitching.

Eventually, the Dodgers decided it was hopeless and decided to waive Syndergaard.

Syndergaard reportedly expressed his disappointment with the Dodgers’ decision. reported on Aug. 28 that Syndergaard blamed his coaches for his failure with the Dodgers after being traded.

“There were a lot of haters on the Dodgers, the Angels, and Philadelphia,” Syndergaard said, according to the outlet.

“Some of them may have been right. “I just don’t listen to what I should or shouldn’t do and do what feels good and natural to me,” he said, adding, “Some of them were right, but it didn’t apply to me. Some coaches tried to change the way I was pitching,” he explains. In other words, they interfered too much with his pitching patterns.토스카지노

Syndergaard, a former New York Mets ace, lost the 2020 season after undergoing Tommy John surgery. Since returning, he has posted a 4.71 ERA over the past two-plus seasons.

He went 10-10 with a 3.94 ERA for the Angels and Phillies last season.

The Dodgers lost former Rookie of the Year and MVP Cody Bellinger this season. Bellinger has been “frustrated” and is plying his trade to the Chicago Cubs.

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