Joao Felix returns.

Chelsea will play Round 23 of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-23 season with West Ham United at London Stadium in London, England at 9:30 pm (Korean time) on the 11th. Chelsea are in ninth place with 30 points (8 wins, 6 draws and 7 losses). With 19 points (5 wins, 4 draws and 12 losses), West Ham are 16th.

Chelsea, which has made a lot of recruitment in the winter transfer market, has not won in the last two league games. The defense with Benoit Badiacil and the midfield with Enzo Fernandez have stabilized compared to before, but the scoring ability was disappointing. Existing offensive resources such as Kai Havertz and Hakim Ziyech were still disappointing, and recruitment resources such as Mihailo Mudrik and David Dartro Popana still needed to adapt.

After going scoreless for two matches in a row, Chelsea failed to win. Although they did not lose, it was obviously disappointing for Chelsea, who are in mid-table, to only get one point from two consecutive matches. Now facing West Ham, Chelsea need a win. It looks like they will have to score points to get 3 points. In the meantime, Felix’s return is very welcome news. 먹튀검증

Felix is ​​also a player recruited as part of Chelsea’s mass recruitment project in the winter transfer market. When he moved from Benfica to Atletico in 2019, Felix, whose transfer fee alone cost 127.2 million euros (approximately 171.2 billion won), did not make much of an impression compared to his expectations. He played 131 official matches for Atlético, scoring just 34 goals and 18 assists. Suffering from rumors of a feud with coach Diego Simeone, he wore a Chelsea uniform in the winter.

As soon as he arrived, he started out. Felix, who made his debut against Fulham, boasted excellent teamwork with Havertz. He was so good that it was hard to believe that he had just arrived at Chelsea. He has a player who draws defensive attention while securing possession of the ball and runs in all directions, so Havertz was also much better than other games. However, when he was sent off, his performance faded.

In the 12th minute of the second half, during the contest, Stud made a tackle and was sent off. Chelsea will fight with 10 people for the rest of the time. In the end, Chelsea could not overcome their numerical inferiority and conceded a goal and lost 1-2. He was suspended for 3 games due to a direct exit. Considering that he is on a short-term loan of six months, not being able to play three league games was a big loss for Chelsea.

After chastisement, Felix returns. As he showed good form before leaving, manager Graham Porter is likely to tinker with Felix’s selection card.

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