Didric Lawson (202cm, F) endured in silence.

Carrot’s history of domestic players was not good. The obvious option was Jeon Seong-hyeon (188cm, F). When Jeon Seong-hyeon got stuck, there was no domestic player to release him.

Nevertheless, Carrot’s foreign player lineup received good reviews. The combination of Didric Lawson (202cm, F), who has an excellent basketball sense and is versatile, and David Simon (202cm, C), who is experienced and stable, drew many people’s expectations.

So one official said, “It is true that domestic players are not good. But foreign players can offset that. You can gain an advantage in matchups with opposing foreign players. This is why Carrot can be counted as a candidate for the playoffs,” he said, citing Carrot as a dark horse.

The combination of Lawson and Simon worked well into the middle of the third round. Although they have different characteristics, they are both competitive, so Carrot was able to build a customized lineup.

However, things changed after Simon was sidelined for the season with a knee injury. A temporary foreign player named Demetrius Treadwell (200cm, F) came, but Lawson’s playing time got longer. Lawson, who played a lot, had to do too much. It held up well, but Carrot showed his limits with a 5-game losing streak.

However, Lawson had a similar experience in the 2020-2021 season. This is because Goyang Orion, the predecessor of Carrot, suffered from the decline in competitiveness of 1-option foreign players, and Lawson, who was selected as a 2-option foreign player, played more than 1-option foreign players. 카지노

Also, Lawson has a more solid physical than then. Power is also stronger than before. He is a player who knows how to control the balance of the court and the dynamics. Lawson cleverly combined his original sense with his changed physical.

Such a combination made Lawson change. He played in the 3-point, but dug into the paint more tenaciously. Because he is not pushed back in a physical fight, he showed his finishing ability even in the face of the opponent’s bumping defense. Pass and shoot at any point here. It further confuses the opponent’s defense.

The rebound fight was not pushed back either. In particular, it was like that in the last game of round 4 (2023.01.30. vs Seoul Samsung). With 19 rebounds (7 offense), he grabbed 1 more than Samsung’s two foreign players (Darral Willis: 11, Anthony Moss: 7). This is the part where you can see that Lawson’s control under the goal has grown.

Lawson’s performance against Samsung was important to Carrot. If Carrot lost to Samsung, it would be 3 consecutive losses. Despite winning five in a row, he was able to finish the fourth round in a bad mood. Cho Han-jin (194cm, F), who played alongside Lawson, also said after the Samsung match, “Three points didn’t come out, but Lawson held the center well from the inside. In particular, being good at rebounding had an impact on where to win,” he said, citing Lawson’s control under the goal as approval.

There is also an element of anxiety. The point is that Jonathan Alledge (204cm, F), who replaced Treadwell, has not yet exerted an influence. If that happens, Lawson will have to hold out for a long time on the remaining two rounds. Of course, if they endure silently like the 4th round, both Carrot and Lawson can finish the rest of the season in a good mood.

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