“I changed my body and changed my thoughts on the game of golf.”

Every challenge caught my attention. He succeeded in hitting 1 on a hole over 500 yards, and the course and equipment rules were shaken by his unstoppable long hit. Then he declared that he would no longer take on new challenges. This is the story of Bryson Dishambeau (USA), the “super long hitter”.

In an interview with LIV Golf on the 2nd (Korean time), DeChambo mentioned various changes that occurred last year and his dream for the new season, and expressed his intention to play golf that focuses on winning a little more, not pursuing long hits. He has increased his strength by increasing his size on the US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour and has increased his reputation as a super long hitter by maximizing his skills through various equipment tests. In particular, he showed a special attachment to his long drive, participating in long drive competitions.

There was also controversy. Golf courses holding tournaments were concerned about the length of the battlefield, and golf organizations limited the length of the driver shaft. There was an evaluation that DeChambeau changed the paradigm of golf game management by producing various results while hitting long hits, but the evaluation was opposed that he simplified golf by limiting it to long hits. Then he suddenly announced his intention to give up the long hit challenge. 메이저놀이터

DeChambeau struggled with conditioning last year, taking a break from a wrist injury. In addition, in December of last year, a cyst was found in the left maxillary sinus and underwent surgery to remove it. I also lost a lot of weight. “There’s a limit to increasing swing speed with technology,” he said. “With 200 mph ball speed, dropping it on the fairway anywhere, everywhere could be an absolute weapon and change the game of golf forever. But we’re not quite there yet. “he said. He went on to add, “I did all great things on some of my gear. Now I’m thinking about going to play golf and winning.” He recalled winning four times in 2018 and expressed his anticipation, saying, “I want to become an overwhelming player like in 2018. (For now) I feel like I’ve returned to my 2018 self.”

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