KB Insurance and OK Financial Group will face off in the 5th round. The two teams will start the match at Uijeongbu Gymnasium at 2:00 pm on the 4th.

The home team, KB Insurance, is in 6th place with 9 wins, 16 losses and 27 points. Overcoming difficulties in the middle of the gloomy season, they are harvesting 9 points with a good performance of 3 wins and 1 loss in the last 4 games. Depending on what kind of pace KB Insurance, which has rapidly emerged as a dark horse, will show in the remaining two rounds, there will be changes in the men’s postseason topography. It is KB Insurance that sings of hope.

The visiting team, OK Financial Group, is fourth with 12 wins, 13 losses and 37 points. It is a situation where they are trying to escape from a losing streak in the last 3 games.

OK Financial Group is two points behind third place Woori Card (39 points). If we get 3 points in today’s game, we can move up to 3rd place. A situation where you are trying to catch two rabbits.

OK Financial Group has the upper hand with 3 wins and 1 loss in the four matches between the two teams this season. KB Insurance won only in the first round, and OK Financial Group won the next three games.

In the most recent match in the 4th round on January 17th, KB Insurance lost 1-3 with only domestic players. Things are different today. Villena, who has the best form recently, is playing.

Whether KB Insurance Viyena is active or not. It is a match where the focus should be on OK Financial Group’s control ability to block Viyena.

KB Insurance smiled as it won 3-2 against Woori Card on January 31st. It was impressive that he gave up sets 1 and 2, but won the set 34-32 without being pushed back in the deuce situation in the third set.

Villena led the victory with 46 points, and Hwang Kyung-min helped with 15 points. Park Jin-woo scored 12 points, including a blocking score to finish the 3rd and 5th sets. Today, we start the game on this extension line. The coordination of Hwangtaek’s setter is also a point that catches the eye.

OK Financial Group reveals its strong side by forming a triangular formation with Song Myeong-geun and Cha Ji-hwan amidst Leo’s performance. But recently, the even performance of the triangular formation is shaking.

In particular, Leo is slowing down in the 4th round, unlike the early and mid-season, when he showed a way to raise the team through solving skills. We need to pay attention to this part today. 먹튀검증

OK Financial Group returned to Hyundai Capital on the 1st after Lee Min-kyu setter solved the military service problem. Although he did not start, he made good moves as a substitute. This part is the checkpoint of today’s game.

Today’s game has new players for both teams to face off. Their performance is expected to be directly related to victory or defeat. What kind of match will unfold? Available from 2pm. The match begins at the Uijeongbu Gymnasium.

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