Daejeon Hana Citizen has an emergency. There are concerns about the long-term departure of midfielder Ju Se-jong, who is the core and core of the power.

Joo Se-jong collided with Kim Dong-min at the end of the second half of the K-League 1 away match against Incheon United on the 4th and collapsed. In the course of the header competition, Kim Dong-min took on the challenge a little too hard and hit Ju Se-jong in the face. Joo Sejong immediately collapsed on the pitch and complained of his pain. He was eventually taken to the emergency room after being carried away on a stretcher. Kim Dong-min received a red card at the end of VAR and was sent off. It was such a serious foul.

On the 5th, an official from Daejeon said, “Joo Sejong is complaining of pain with his face swollen. An orbital fracture is currently suspected. First of all, we will have to watch the detailed examination on the 6th, but it does not seem to be a minor injury.” 먹튀검증

If it is an orbital fracture, it will depend on the severity, but it is expected that it will be difficult to play for the time being. First of all, the dominant observation is that it is impossible to participate in the Pohang Steelers and Suwon Samsung matches for the remainder of March.

The orbital fracture injury was an injury suffered by Son Heung-min ahead of last year’s World Cup. At that time, Son Heung-min underwent surgery on November 5 and played in the first game of the group stage on the 24th. Although there was a case where he made a quick comeback, there were many concerns around him that he was a bit overworked considering the large stage of the World Cup. There is a high risk of re-injury during the game, so it is considered an injury that players must avoid.

This is shocking and brutal news for Daejeon. Ju Sejong is the core of power. Daejeon coach Lee Min-seong plays an important role in the team enough to say “50% of our power” with a sincere joke. This is because he is a leader who leads the team with accurate passing and skillful game management, centered in the center. As a player who even takes on the role of captain and serves as a mental support, the departure of Ju Se-jong is fatal.

In addition, Daejeon is off to a good start, recording 1 win and 1 draw in the two matches they played after promotion. He proved his competitiveness in the first division by establishing a structured midfield play centered on Joo Se-jong. Now, if Ju Se-jong leaves for a long time at a time when the positive trend should continue in earnest, Daejeon has no choice but to worry about a decline in performance. In the worst case, it could take several months, so concerns are expected to grow.

Director Lee Min-seong also said, “I am very worried. He was able to get in a good mood, but it’s a pity. I think other players will have to fill the void left by Joo Se-jong.”

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