“The responsibility is heavy”.

The KIA Tigers team greets the opening of the season with a heavier responsibility. On the 29th, three days before the opening of the 2023 regular season, an unprecedented bad news occurred. After the 2021 season, general manager Jang Jeong-seok, who was appointed as general manager, was dismissed for unbelievable misconduct. 

It was belatedly known that Park Dong-won, who played as the main catcher in the 2022 season, asked for back money in the course of contract renewal negotiations. Park Dong-won, who moved to LG, reported his recording file to the Kia Motors Group and also reported it to the Players Association.   토토사이트

The club went into fact-checking work, and general manager Jang Jeong-seok expressed his resignation. Former general manager Jeong did not acknowledge it through explanatory documents, but it was a comment that the head of the front desk representing the club should never have made.  

It was a matter that was in direct violation of the ethics charter declared by the club in March 2021. He blocked deviant and illegal activities and made his declaration of being a Tigers Man for the fans useless. The club, which judged the matter to be serious, held its own disciplinary committee that day and voted for dismissal. At the same time, an apology was issued. 

Ahead of the opening ceremony, the athletes were also greatly shocked. Coach Kim Jong-guk, who was contacted on the afternoon of the 29th, said, “I heard the news and my heart was heavy all day. Above all, I feel a heavy responsibility to the fans. All the players must work together and do their best to repay them with good plays and results.” Coach Kim will attend the media day held as the opening event on the 30th and will once again strengthen his determination with his players. 

Coach Kim had a different team from former general manager Jang, but he was the same as his professional debut in 1996. In the early 2000’s he was also a player at KIA. He worked as a manager and general manager. However, former general manager Jeong, whom he believed in, put a great burden on the team due to unbelievable deviant behavior and was dismissed. His shock is great and his heart is heavy. 

KIA players also experienced a dizzying situation in which an aircraft crashed while returning home from the first spring camp in Arizona in February. After safely completing the spring camp and demonstration games, an unprecedented misfortune occurred just before the start of the season. It seems that the players will use it as an opportunity to reconcile themselves once again. /sunny@osen.co.kr

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