Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte is said to be still recovering in Italy after surgery.

British media ‘Daily Mail’ said on the 5th (Korean time), ‘Conte remains in Italy. He is likely to miss the match against Manchester City,’ it was reported.

Conte had his gallbladder removed on the 1st. Tottenham will play Man City at 1:30 am on the 6th. Tottenham is in a crisis to digest the game without a head coach.

Conte complained of severe stomach pain last week. A diagnosis of cholecystitis was made. He performed emergency surgery. The operation was successful. Conte also shared his current situation through social media, saying, “It’s time to recover. I want to quickly return to the stadium and be with the team.”

However, the timing of his return is unknown.

According to experts, Conte may need a two-week absence. If you look at the interview with Dr. Dishont, which was introduced by the British media ‘Express’, the audience is unreasonable.

“You can sit at your desk in as little as two weeks,” said Dr. Dishont. “The arena is not an ideal place after surgery. You have to do nothing for a few days and allow your body to heal.”

Tottenham are ahead of Manchester City in the Premier League on the 6th, Leicester City in the Premier League on the 12th, away to AC Milan in the Champions League on the 15th, and West Ham in the Premier League on the 20th.

If Conte is missing two weeks, the important Champions League round of 16 is also at risk.

However, due to Conte’s very passionate nature, the chances of that happening are extremely low. The Daily Mail reported, “Conte is back home after surgery. By Saturday evening he was still recovering in Turin. It is expected that he will arrive in London at the beginning of the week to prepare for the away game at Leicester City next week. 메이저놀이터

During Conte’s absence, assistant coach Christian Stellini has taken over.

Stellini said, “Coach Conte called me. It’s surprising and sad, but we have to move on. Regarding the Manchester City match, I had a conversation with the coach before the surgery. First of all, recovery is the most important thing.”

Tottenham have a busy road to go. They are 5th with 36 points from 21 matches. They are 4 points behind 4th place Newcastle. TOP4 is the right of visibility.

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