Clinical Hyeop was confident that the competition with Na Sang-ho would bring positive results to the team. 

On the 22nd at 10:00 am, FC Seoul’s 2023 K-League winter field training media camp was held at the HJ Convention Center in Gangdong-gu, Seoul. I met Im Sang-hyup, who joined FC Seoul ahead of this season.

Clinical Cooperation was having a hard time adjusting to Seoul. Im Sang-hyeop, who said, “I’m really getting scolded by the coach,” said, “The style is completely different from Pohang. Coach Ahn likes to position with the side wide open, and Teacher Gi-dong likes to play from the inside. We are trying to do it,” he said.

The style of both teams was also explained in detail. Lim Sang-hyeop said, “Director Ahn wants to move a lot creatively. Fullbacks go into the middle, so I’m often on the side. In Pohang, I played a lot from the inside, but in Seoul, that’s a little different.” I saw it for the first time when I was young. I think they still think that I am in my 20s. It seems that they want to perform in their 20s, so I am putting in a lot of effort.” In 2011, Lim Sang-hyeop ate rice with director Ahn at Busan I-Park. 토토사이트

Clinical cooperation was properly revived in Pohang. He played 36 games in the 2021 season and scored 11 goals and 4 assists, and was selected in the K League 1 Best 11. The 2022 season was not as good as his first season, but he accumulated 8 goals and 2 assists and accumulated 10 offensive points.

Regarding the transfer process, “I opened everything with coach Kim Ki-dong. I am really grateful to coach Kim. When the transfer was confirmed, he said, ‘You are going to a true teacher.’ He thinks he did the best job. So he said that it went well and asked us to keep in touch.”

It is hoped that the clinical consultation will continue in Seoul. Lim Sang-hyeop said, “Of course, I have concerns. It was so good in Pohang, so I think I’m expecting it in Seoul. I’m working hard to meet that.”

The main competition is essential. On the left side of Seoul, national team winger Na Sang-ho has been in charge. Ahead of this season, Willian was recruited and the number of competitors increased. Regarding this, he responded positively, saying, “I always thought that Sang-ho was a top-class player in the K-League. After coming here, I think he has a better advantage. He is playing alternately on the right and left side. I think there is a synergistic effect by competing with each other.” left

Ki Sung-yueng was picked as the player who fit him the best. Im Sang-hyeop praised Ki Sung-yueng, saying, “I really like passing and kicking. When I move, he really gives me a kick under my feet. Although he is a classy player, I think I was surprised once more while working with him.”

In the upcoming opening game against Incheon United, he was wary of his ‘old colleague’ Shin Jin-ho. Lim Sang-hyeop added, “I think we should stop Jin-ho well. He was a player who worked well with me in Pohang. He is a really good player. I know Jin-ho’s strengths and weaknesses well, so I think I should tell the players about that.” .

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