“I decided not to praise him in the future.” It’s a joke from director Jeon Hee-cheol.

Seoul SK Choi Bu-kyung recorded a double-double with 16 points and 10 rebounds in 31 minutes and 4 seconds in the first leg of the playoff against Changwon LG held at the Changwon Gymnasium on the 14th, and concentrated 8 points in the 4th quarter, the match-up.

He scored a series of goals from Jameel Warney, who caught his defense and received it from under his goal. LG had to block Choi Boo-kyung. As the defense weakened, Warney also started scoring. Thanks to this, SK won 73-68.먹튀검증

Before the second leg of the semifinals on the 16th, coach Jeon Hee-chul praised Choi Bu-kyung.

“You do really well. It sets the position, but moves sensibly so that it cannot go to the defense. When Warnie and (Kim) Seon-hyung play 2v2, they know that their defense goes out, so when they move, they move and when they take and eat, they take and eat. I used to throw a lot of layups in the past. That’s why there were times when (Choi) Bu-gyeong went up and was anxious. There were times when foreign players came in, hesitating and avoiding them, but now they climb safely. He said he didn’t even have back pain (laughs).” These are the words of director Jeon Hee-cheol.

Is it the influence of praise? Choi Bu-gyeong was sluggish compared to the first game. He recorded 4 points, 12 rebounds and 2 assists in 37 minutes and 11 seconds. He also missed many layups. Still, he grabbed the rebound from under the goal. With Lyon Williams’ winning goal 0.6 seconds before the end of the game, SK won 92-91.

After the game, coach Jeon Hee-chul said, “Now I don’t have to praise (Choi) Bu-kyung. When I praised him, he missed the layup shot. To Bukyung, ‘You complimented me a lot during the pre-interview. that it got better He said he didn’t miss a layup shot, but why did he miss it? He decided not to praise in the future (laughs).”

Coach Jeon Hee-cheol will not praise Choi Boo-kyung in the third game held at the Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 18th. If so, can Choi Boo-kyung make a layup shot? A small observation point was created.

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