“Freddy is really tall, strong, and good.”

Chosun University selected nine freshmen this year. More players than ever before. Among them, the tallest player is Choi Kyu-hyeok with a height of 196 cm. He is a player who will protect the bottom of the goal at Chosun University, which is low in height.

Chosun University employs a lot of freshmen recently. It is a process for them to gain better grades when they gain experience and become seniors.

Choi Kyu-hyuk is averaging 2.4 points and 5.5 rebounds in all eight games this season. In March, the beginning of the season, he mostly 바카라사이트 played under 10 minutes. In all four games since April, he has played more than 10 minutes and averaged 4.3 points and 9.3 rebounds.

Choi Kyu-hyuk, who is adjusting to the university stage, said, “I felt that high school and college are different. He has good body fighting and speed. When he was in high school, he followed him around a bit, but (college players) are really fast. If the defense was only under the goal every day, you have to go outside and defend in the form of a rotation, and you can’t do it inside unconditionally, so you have to go outside and throw a mid-range shot.” It is different to create (opportunities for colleagues) by putting down screens and back screens. I’m not good at understanding basketball (laughs), so I try hard,” he compared to his high school days.

Since his high school days, his bottom-finishing ability has been on the low side. This continues even in universities. Choi Gyu-hyeok’s 2-point shot success rate is too low at 25.7% (9/35). If he can’t raise his teeth, it’s hard to go pro.

Choi Gyu-hyeok said, “My heart is weak. When I attack, I feel intimidated by the opponent’s tall players. He doesn’t catch the ball and put it up, he throws it casually. I am continuing to practice at school (to supplement) that part.”

On the 28th of last month, Choi Gyu-hyeok, who started and faced Freddy in the head-to-head match against Konkuk University, said, “I was nervous (laughs). He also started in the game against Korea University, but it was the first time he and his brothers started against Konkuk University,” he said. Freddie is really tall, strong, and good at it.”

In the match against Sungkyunkwan University on the 1st, Yunseong Kim, who was selected from the U18 national team, played with more confidence in the matchup. He also grabbed 13 rebounds, double figures for the first time on his collegiate stage.

Choi Gyu-hyuk said, “The manager and coach told me not to be nervous, do what you want to do, grab a lot of rebounds and work hard. He heard the story and he played the game.”

Choi Gyu-hyuk, who cut his hair very short like captain Yoo Chang-seok, was asked why, “We lost a lot in the home game against Korea University. Yoo Chang-seok (who did not participate in the game) was angry, but at that time he was petting his head and said that he shaved his head because it was intrusive.” I should have felt that way because I played against Korea University myself, but I felt pathetic because I didn’t. So I shaved my head with the mindset that I would work hard.”

Choi Kyu-hyeok, who is slowly adapting to the college stage, explained his future role, saying, “As my brothers tell me, I have to pay more attention to rebounding, try to score better under-the-basket shots, and create opportunities for my brothers to shoot with the screen.”

Chosun University will have a home game against Kyunghee University on the 9th.

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