Host Do-won Moon of the Go TV relay seat said, “I thought I was putting a concave at the moment.” Commentator Lee Yeong-gu, sitting next to him, said, “It’s the first time I’ve seen Go like this. I don’t know how to comment.”

Launched as a new stage for young knights born after 2000, the 2023 Yanggu-gun National Territorial Central Committee Millennium Cheonwonjeon was a start worthy of its name and blazed with enthusiasm worthy of the millennial generation.

On the 26th, in the first round of the finals, which was held at a special exhibition hall prepared at the White Porcelain Museum in Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do, the first move was placed at 1,000 won, and the center of the checkerboard took on the shape of a pinwheel in an instant. 메이저사이트

In fact, the first few thousand won was verbally promised in advance. In the final of the third round, up to the second station, black and white were held alternately, so they agreed to save the meaning of the name of the tournament and start with 1,000 won as the first move. Yanggu is geographically located in the very center of the Korean Peninsula.

As a result of covering the stone, Han Woo-jin, 5th dan, who was determined to be the final 1st country in black, had a natural landing. However, in order not to fall behind, Park Hyun-soo, 5th dan, was also immediately attached, and a form of cutting off each other was formed.

The first few thousand won became the starting point of the nanta war. Commentator Lee Yeong-gu said, “If you make your first move to 1,000 won, Baduk becomes so much fun.”

The stone placed at 1,000 won was caught as a breadwinner by a large swap, and in the first round of the finals, where a large fight over life and death took place, Han Woo-jin, 5th dan, was disinherited after 105 moves. The short-lived country ended because Park Hyun-soo, 5th dan, missed an easy exchange and caught hemp.

5th dan Han Woo-jin, who showed his strength in numerology, expressed his impression, “It was fun because it was the first time I played Go from the beginning.

The 2nd final will move to the Go TV studio and continue on March 8th. The time limit is 20 minutes each, plus 20 seconds of extra time, the Fisher method. The prize money is 10 million won for the winner and 5 million won for the runner-up.

After winning the 6th Ha Chan-seok Guksu Cup Gifted Champion in 2018, Park Hyun-soo 5th Dan, Han Woo-jin 5th Dan is challenging the top of the new season after winning the 3rd Lee Boong-bae New Top Ranking in 2022.Meanwhile, at the Youth Gymnasium in Yanggu-gun, the amateur division of the Millennium Cheonwon Competition was held with 450 club members and children participating for two days from the 25th to the 26th.The strongest team in the country, in which 32 teams competed in the Swiss league, won the prize money of 3 million won by winning all rounds. In the 5-person team competition, Myeongin Kiwoohoe, Hanmaum A, Deoksoo B, and Hwacheon teams each enjoyed the victory.

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