“I want to be the first to receive the ball from the players selected for the WBC national team.”

The Doosan Bears will leave for Sydney, Australia, where they will attend the 2023 spring camp through Incheon International Airport on the 29th. With 61 players leaving, catcher Junho Yoon was the only rookie to be named.

Yoon Jun-ho was nominated by Doosan in the 5th round of the 2023 KBO rookie draft and was able to wear a professional uniform. Selected by Doosan, which is called the “catcher kingdom,” he captured the heart of Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop and became the most noteworthy player in 2023 by being listed on the spring camp roster.

In a phone interview with MK Sports, Yoon Jun-ho said, “I was happy to go to spring camp alone among rookie players, but I was also very worried. So he was a little worried about adapting. Still, as much as he got a good opportunity, he was more happy and excited.”

“When I met (Song) Seung-hwan at the U23 national team, I asked a lot of questions. He also asked me about training and he said it would be really hard (laughs). He was advised to do a lot of preparation as well,” he added.

There was one thing that made Yoon Jun-ho more happy than the fact that he was included on the spring camp roster. Ryu Hyeon-in (kt), who ate a bowl of rice in 메이저사이트, also went to spring camp. Yoon Jun-ho said, “Personally, we are really close. We keep in touch and exchange news about sports,” he said with a laugh.

Overseas field training sounds pretty sweet, but the reality is not. It is the most intense training before the season, and it is also a series of competitions. As such, the process of preparing the body before the players’ spring camp is important. Yoon Jun-ho was no different. He said, “I joined Icheon in November and worked out intensely for about two months.” He is in good shape,” he said, expressing his confidence.

As a catcher, Yoon Jun-ho has to receive balls from Doosan pitchers throughout spring training. Who is the ball he wants to receive first?

Yoon Jun-ho said, “The first thing that comes to mind is the pitchers selected for the WBC national team (Kwak Bin, Jung Cheol-won). I really want to receive it.” He is looking forward to it.”

Doosan recruited Yang Eui-ji through the FA market. His joining could be a huge boost to Yun Jun-ho, a player at the same position. There is no greater asset than gaining a lot from a player with skill and experience during spring training.

Yoon Jun-ho said, “I am really looking forward to it. I don’t know because I’ve never met him properly, but I want to learn a lot while watching from the side.” I want to meet him in person and get the experience and know-how he has. In particular, I want to learn the ability to lead pitchers.”

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