Royston Drenthe is an active soccer player. His position is both a winger and a defender. His current club is Kozaken Boys of the Dutch League. But he also played alongside Cristiano Ronaldo and Karam Benzema at Real Madrid from 2007 to 2012. At that time, he won the La Liga title and the Spanish Super Cup.

Drenthe, who is 36 years old this year and is still playing active duty, says he wants to play James Bond after being discharged as an actor.

On the 12th, the UK’s The Sun said, ‘I am a former Premier League star who became an actor. I passed the audition as a gangster and made my debut as an actor. I want to be James Bond in the future’. This is Drenther’s story.

Drenthe, who also played for Everton and Reading in the English Premier League, plans to switch careers to acting once he quits football.

Already playing football, Drenthe made his acting debut in his crime drama. He previously played a gangster role in the Morro Mafia in the Dutch hit crime drama in 2021.

Prior to this, Drenthe also debuted as a rap singer. He became a full-time singer, in 2017 he released Paranoia.

Drenthe said, “I want to act more than sing. I am more passionate about acting than music.”

Recently, Drenthe said in an interview with a Dutch media outlet, “A lot has been made about my rap career, but in fact it is just something I wanted to try. I was never serious about pursuing a career in rapping,” he confessed.

“But I always used to tell my mother that I wanted to be an actress someday. It was a very serious thing for me. Besides football, that is another dream of mine.”카지노사이트

Drenthe said, “I’m good at anything, so I made my debut as an actor by being cast in a Dutch crime drama. I was amazed at what the hell my agent was doing.”

Drenthe says that acting is a job he wants to try at least once. So she auditioned for and was cast in a crime drama. She had only three weeks to prepare, but she passed with confidence.

“Like I said, I always do what I want to do,” Drenthe said. The drama was really tense,” he said. “Actually, I memorized every line for three weeks. studied and studied again. So, on the day of the audition, the casting team told me that it was incredible that it was my first acting.”

After auditioning, Drenthe heard the news that he had passed three days later. And she ended up appearing as a gangster. He said, “I loved the part and it was a great experience. It was something I really wanted to do again.”

Finally, Drenthe also revealed his desire to become an actor. “I know that Daniel Craig is done with James Bond,” Drenthe said. That role could be my next job. Maybe I need to study English a little more,” he laughed.

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