“He said he had a phone call with Portimonense.”

It’s not for nothing that he was nicknamed ‘Benverge (Bento + father)’. Former South Korean men’s soccer team coach Paulo Bento helped Park Ji-soo (29) move to Portugal Portimonense.

Portimonense announced the recruitment of Park Ji-soo on the 26th (Korean time). It is a mid-level club in 12th place in the league in the 2022-2023 season. It is not a strong team, but it is a good option for Park Ji-soo, who is making a kite with Europe for the first time. Younggun Kim Yong-hak is active first, so there is no problem adapting. Lee Seung-woo (25, Suwon FC) also played for the club in the past, so Korean players are not unfamiliar.

Park Ji-soo has the nickname ‘Korean version of Jamie Body’. Cinderella itself. He entered the professional stage in 2013 by joining K League 1 Incheon United, but was released without playing a single game. He even thought about his retirement, but he did not take off his soccer boots. He changed the atmosphere by going through FC Uijeongbu and Gyeongnam FC. In the 2017 season while playing in Gyeongnam, the team was promoted as well as selected as the best 11 in the league and made its name known in earnest. 메이저사이트

Afterwards, his skills were recognized and he became a member of Guangzhou Hengda (China) with great treatment. He also performed well in China and even wore the Taegeuk mark. It was a trend to advance to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar while receiving moderation from Bento. However, he suffered an injury in the final evaluation match and fell off the horse.

It seemed that the uptrend was put on hold due to not being able to go to the World Cup, the stage of dreams, but the regret was relieved by advancing to Europe this time. Park Ji-soo had to return to his original team after being discharged from the military, but the situation in Guangzhou was not good, so he became a free agent (FA). Including the K-League, China and the Middle East sent love calls. Park Ji-soo chose Europe for the ‘challenge’ and became a member of Portimonense.

In this process, he was able to confirm Bento’s influence. Park Ji-soo said, “Coach Bento was a Portuguese league player and his nationality was also Portuguese, so I thought he was familiar. He hadn’t heard anything personally, but he said he had been on the phone with Portimonense. Thank you,” he said.

Although the priest’s ties within the national team were cut off due to differences in his contract period, he gave a bright future to his former pupil with a positive comment. It’s a move that goes well with the nickname Benverge. Now, all that remains is for Park Ji-soo to prove that the recommendation was not wrong with his great success.

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