The Kimcheon Sangmu Professional Soccer Team greets fans at the newly renovated home stadium.

The Gimcheon Sangmu Professional Soccer Team will play a home opening game against Gyeongnam FC in the 5th round of the ‘Hana One Q K League 2 2023’ at 1:30 pm on April 2 at Gimcheon Sports Complex.

Ahead of the home opener, Kim Cheon renovated the inside and outside of the stadium. Lighting in the stadium will be completely replaced with LED, and various events will be held using lighting. When a goal is scored, the lighting in the stadium will be used to create a cheering atmosphere. 카지노사이트

□ ‘Meeting for the first time in 156 days’ Gimcheon, drastically changed entrance with variable seats

First, five large tongcheons were installed on the outer wall using major players. On the day of the match, a giant banner consisting of the lineup of the squad will be installed, including a streetlight banner composed of all players. From the front road in front of the playground, you can feel the atmosphere of the soccer field.

In front of the variable seat entrance, a new emblem photo zone has been installed in addition to the existing mascot Shuung large photo zone. Various poses of the players are included in the entrance passage of the variable seats based on the design of the club.

The history and exhibition halls are also renewed. Including the installation of a commemorative frame for the official supporters’invincible investigation’, a commemorative armband signed by the captains for the 2023 season was displayed. In addition, the exhibition hall was filled with various club MDs such as autographed uniforms, mufflers, and signed balls for the entire 2023 season.

On the opposite side, former players who passed through Kim Cheon Sangmu were displayed. Information on 54 former players and 32 2023 season players, including first captain Kwon Kyung-won and second-term captain Shim Sang-min, was displayed. Next to the store, various poses of the mascot Shuung were attached to add value as a photo zone.

The ticket office next to Outer Gate 7 has also been redesigned. At the top of the box office, Kim Cheon’s ticket policy, discount policy, and stadium guide were attached. At the bottom, the phrase ‘WELCOME TO GIMCHEON SANGMU FOOTBALL CLUB’ was attached to welcome fans.

Shuwoong’s (MD Shop) wrapped with the team’s design. In addition to the installation of emblem sculptures, consumer desire was enhanced through mobile stands, mannequin installation, and uniform wear.

□ Designing the locker room phrase ‘Glory of winning once again’

New decorations were installed inside and outside the home locker room area. On both sides of the hallway in front of the locker room, based on the design of the club, the phrases ‘AGAIN 2021 again, towards a new history’ and ‘AGAIN 2021, once again the glory of winning LET’S 2023’ were engraved. In the locker room, the phrase “This is where you stand, the history of Gimcheon begins here” boosted the morale of the players.

Bae Nak-ho, CEO of Kim Cheon Sangmu, said, “We have the latest home opening game among 25 clubs. I sincerely thank all the fans, including local residents, who have been waiting for the late home opening game. I will do my best to increase fan satisfaction.”

On the other hand, tickets for the Gimcheon Sangmu Professional Football Team home game can be purchased on-site at the box office on the day of the game, including advance reservations through the ticket link and the official website. /

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