The possibility of Benjamin Pavard going to Barcelona is gradually increasing.

He is a top level defender from France. He is 186 cm tall and has a solid physique. His main position is center back, but he is versatile enough to play right back. As much as he has experience as a midfielder, his fundamentals are solid, and based on his vigorous activity, he records a range of activities equivalent to double digits of km in every game. When he goes out as a center back, he makes a definite contribution defensively, and in the position of a fullback, he adds vitality to the attack with active overlapping and crosses.

He made his senior debut at LOSC Lille before moving to Stuttgart for the 2016-17 season and breaking into Germany. After immediately leaping to the starting lineup, he recorded all appearances in the Bundesliga in the 2017-18 season, establishing himself as a high-level resource in the league.

He succeeded in transferring to Munich based on his performance at this time. The transfer fee was 35 million euros (approximately 46.8 billion won). He was expected because it was not a small amount, and in fact, he was consistently moderated. In the 2019-20 season, he appeared as a center back and left and right sides, which was of great help defensively, and solidified his position by playing 47 games, including the cup competition.

Even after that, he steadily led Munich’s defense. Due to an injury, he could not play more than 30 league games, but he continued to perform well as a starting right-back. Even this season, he is showing a good flow by appearing in 23 matches including cup competitions and scoring 4 goals. 카지노

However, transfer rumors surfaced. Although his contract expires with only 1 year and 6 months left, the issue of his contract renewal is not coming out and there are clubs interested in him.

it’s barcelona Reporter Kerry Howe of Spanish media ‘Sport 1’ said, “Pavard’s transfer to Barcelona has materialized. The manager of the player is making moves for a summer transfer. Pavard also wants to go to Barcelona.”

It is a resource that meets the needs of Barcelona. Unlike the left with Jordi Alba and Alejandro Balde, the right side is relatively poor. There are only Hector Bellerin and Sergi Roberto available, and Bellerin is likely to move to Sporting. In response, Barcelona wanted certain resources and approached Pavard. As much as the player himself wants to transfer, the possibility seems sufficient.

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