“Harden led the reverse hardening.”

According to the local media’Yahoo Sports’, “Some of Rivers’ coaching staff pointed out James Harden. I think Rivers’ sacking has an impact. According to other information, Harden will decline the player option for a long-term contract and become a free agent. I expect that,” he said.

Philadelphia was eliminated in the 2023 NBA Playoffs 2nd round with 3 wins and 4 losses after a 7 game match against the Boston Celtics in the series. The one-two punchers Harden and Joel Embiid scored 9 and 15 points, respectively, and were sluggish. On the other hand, Jayson Tatum, the ace of the Boston Celtics, scored 51 points and took the victory with conflicting results.

Someone was needed to take responsibility for being eliminated in the second round for three consecutive seasons, and coach Rivers was sacked as a result. Philadelphia ambitiously appointed coach Rivers to win the championship, but failed as a result.스포츠토토

Coach Rivers’ performance in Philadelphia is certain. He developed Embiid into an MVP-level player. Embiid was a top player even before Rivers took over, but he was reborn as a solid MVP player under Coach Rivers. At the time, in the composition of Ben Simmons and Embiid, Rivers actively supported Embiid.

On the other hand, the compatibility between Harden and Rivers was not good. Director Rivers thoroughly used Harden as an assistant to Embiid, and Harden expressed dissatisfaction with it in the middle of this season.

Harden slashed his salary in favor of a championship ring and stayed in Philadelphia, and the current results are clearly a failure. It is not clear whether Rivers’ dismissal was moderate, but it is inevitable that Harden will be dissatisfied.

Harden has a player option worth $35.64 million next season. If he does, he stays in Philadelphia for one more season. If he declines, he becomes a free agent.

Will Philadelphia, who sacked Rivers, be with Harden again next season?

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