Kiwoom Heroes succeeded in escaping their losing streak by protecting the lead until the end.

Kiwoom won 7-3 in a home match against Doosan Bears held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 18th. With this victory, Kiwoom escaped from the recent three-game losing streak and raised the team ranking to 7th with a 17-22 win rate of 0.436. On the other hand, Doosan, who tried to win 6 in a row, unfortunately stopped winning streak.

The beginning was a striking battle. Kiwoom started with Ahn Woo-jin and Doosan with Kim Dong-joo. Both teams exchanged points in the first inning.

Doosan took the lead. In the top of the 1st inning, lead hitter Sue-Bin Jung hit and 2nd base was stolen. Yang Eui-ji also picked up a walk and filled the first base. With runners on first and second base, Yang Seok-hwan struck out on a swing, but Jose Rojas scored a double after a 13-pitch battle against An Woo-jin. Hitting a deep long hit to the right of the right fielder, second base runner Su-bin Jeong came all the way home. Doosan’s 1-0 lead.

However, Doosan’s lead did not last long. Kiwoom immediately turned around in the bottom of the first inning. First hitter Lee Jung-hoo walks on base. Lim Ji-yeol was caught with a fly by center fielder, but Lee Jung-hoo went up to second base while the wild throw was out. Kim Hye-seong also picked out a walk, with 1 out and 1st and 2nd base. Fourth hitter Edison Russell hit a timely double with two RBIs that flowed to the left of the left fielder against Kim Dong-ju, and Kiwoom turned 2-1 in an instant.

After that, attacks from both teams calmed down. Doosan was blocked by Ahn Woo-jin’s pitch and was unable to create additional opportunities. Then, at the bottom of the third inning, Kiwoom ran away. Leading batter Kim Hye-seong walked on base, followed by Russell’s 1-run double. Russell added another double against Kim Dong-ju in the 1s, showing the league’s first-place hit. Kiwoom ran away with one more point, 3-1.

Doosan, who had been quiet, started chasing in the top of the 5th inning. Successive hits by Jang Seung-hyeon and Lee Yu-chan gave second and third base chances. Subin Sue hit a timely hit with one RBI that shook Ahn Woo-jin. Doosan narrowed the gap by one point. However, in the following chance, Doosan failed to tie the score as Park Gye-beom, Yang Eui-ji, and Yang Seok-hwan struck out three consecutive batters.토스카지노

After that, Kiwoom’s one-point lead continued. Kiwoom was unable to add points as pinch hitter Kim Tae-jin was unfortunately caught on a fly by center fielder in the chance to score extra points with 2nd, 2nd and 3rd bases at the end of the 6th inning, and Doosan also failed to score after 2 outs in the top of the 8th inning, but the follow-up hit did not occur.

Then, at the end of the 8th inning, Kiwoom hit a wedge in the last attack. Lee Won-seok hit a home run. Lee Won-seok came out as the lead batter in the inning and hit a solo home run against Doosan Kim Kang-ryul. It was a score that put a wedge in Kiwoom’s victory. It didn’t stop there. After one out, Kim Hui-jip, Kim Dong-heon and Lee Jung-hoo hit 3 consecutive hits and the runner loaded the bases. Kim Tae-jin hit a timely double with two RBIs that fell to the right of the right fielder, and Kim Hye-sung added another point with a sacrifice fly. Kiwoom ran away with a 5-point lead while adding 3 points in the 8th inning. The atmosphere of the game has completely tilted towards Kiwoom.

the last 9th inning. In Kiwoom, Kim Dong-hyuk allowed Yang Chan-yeol a triple after one out, which led to a run, but it was already after the additional energy of the game. As Kiwoom confirmed the victory by 4 points, Ahn Woo-jin harvested 3 wins of the season.

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