‘Divine’ Carlos Alcaras (2nd in the world, Spain) said he could defeat the tennis legend Rafael Nadal (14th) of the same nationality at Roland Garros, the home of the ‘soil god’.

The two are tennis stars representing Spain. If Nadal is the setting sun, Alkaras is the rising sun. So the two are often compared. There are many clay courts in Spain, so there is a high preference for the French Open (Roland Garros), which is the only one of the four major tournaments held on clay. Alkaras, who

will participate in the ATP Masters 1000 Series Mutua Madrid Open held in Madrid, Spain, had an interview with local media Marca on the 28th (Korean time).

When asked if he wants to achieve this, “Of course. I always said I love playing against the best and Nadal is one of the best in history, there is no doubt about it. His tournament is Roland Garros. He has many titles, but this speaks to him.” “The most iconic. I want to face him at Roland Garros and see what happens. I think I can win. But

Rafa has a thousand lives there.” In response to the question, “I am inspired by his courage and winning genes. He wants to win, wants to do everything he can to win, and his anger on the court to never give up and go towards everything…. Mentally, too, is a player who sets an example.”

He also added, “When Rafa has a problem, he always finds a solution and makes no excuses. Rafael had a lot of near-death games, turned around and survived. Staying mentally strong to find a solution is never easy. What I want to learn from Rapha is the ability to adapt in any situation.”

When asked, ‘Is there any other player who can win 14 times in an event as important as Paris (French Open)?’ I will say that winning 14 times even at the ATP 250 event is next to impossible. But he has to take on challenges in life, so let’s do it. I hope I can look like Rapha here.”

Al Karas won his first Grand Slam title at last year’s US Open. He asked about the four majors he would most like to win.먹튀검증

“Roland Garros has always been a Grand Slam for the Spaniards, so I want to win it, but I would be really happy to win Wimbledon,” he said.

When asked why he is so sure he has strengths on grass courts, he said, “My playing style is aggressive, I go to the net and I hit hard, so I look good on grass. Turf is like a boxing match, I’ve been told that I have to try first to hit it so I can’t hit it.”

Regarding the center court of the All England Club (Wimbledon venue), which he first stepped on last year, he said, “I can’t tell you why, but it is the cathedral of tennis, and everything is so beautiful and feels different.”

Alkaras revealed that his hobby is golf and that it is the only sport he enjoys besides tennis.

When asked what kind of superstition he has, he said, “Even if I am stupid, I try to repeat the things that work well. I do one thing at the beginning of the week and when I win the first game I try to do the same.”

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