On the 12th, coach Choi met with reporters ahead of the SSG game, his first game as head coach at SSG Landers Field in Incheon, and said, “The club needs to play winning baseball from the beginning of the season next year, and to do so, it is an order to set up to win to some extent this year. received,” he said. He added, “Since the recent performance is good, I think it is appropriate to start with minimal changes.”

Hanwha officially announced the appointment of former head coach Carlos Subero the day before, along with former coach Choi. Coach Choi revealed that he was especially concerned about the agitation of the team due to the sudden change of manager, saying, “I specifically asked the senior players because the atmosphere could be chaotic.” Reorganization of the coaching staff was also done quickly. Pitching coach José Rosado and base running coach Darrell Kennedy, who had worked with Subero, left the team. Instead, former bullpen coach Park Seung-min became the main pitching coach and coach Lee Dong-gul became the new bullpen coach. Lee Dae-jin, Kim Nam-hyung, and Choi Yoon-seok will retain their positions as the first team head coach, hitting coach, and defense coach, respectively. Coach Jung Hyeon-seok, who came up from the 2nd team, is also added to the batting coach. In addition, coach Jeon Sang-ryeol will be the new operation and running coach, and Ko Dong-jin and Kim Jung-min will be the third base and battery coaches, respectively.

First of all, it is an important task to remove the consciousness of defeat caused by poor grades that have continued for several years. Coach Choi said, “(At the team meeting) I ordered him to look back to see if he was looking for a negative excuse, and if so, change it.”먹튀검증

Director Choi, a former pitcher, talked about his own changes for winning baseball, such as fixing Guo-jin’s position and applying a defensive shift appropriate to the situation. Director Choi said, “There were parts where I didn’t know who was the pursuit group or the Pilseung group in the bullpen, and there were parts that went back and forth,” he said. Regarding the defensive shift, he also predicted a change, emphasizing that “the shift should be for pitchers.” When a left-handed slugger comes out, the existing extreme shift will be maintained, but with the explanation that pitchers do not want a shift when they are right-handed hitters, “I am going to make some modifications to the shift that the pitcher did not agree with.” At the same time, he also said, “I will try to continue the parts that have changed (positively) during the time of coach Subero, such as pitchers, young players management, and active base play.”

I am best friends with general manager Son Hyuk and give more roles to the coaches
so that they don’t hear that only the east and west are united. ” In response to the question, “There are also concerns that only the general manager and the coach can be too united,” coach Choi said, “I think those concerns may become reality if we go to independent game management.” I try to manage the game while giving a lot of roles and respecting judgments.”

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