Cheonan City FC recruited veteran defender Park Joon-gang (32).

Cheonan said, “We recruited defender Park Jun-gang. Joining Park Jun-gang, who is celebrating his 11th season in the K-League this year, is expected to strengthen the team’s defense and fill in the lack of experience.”

Park Joon-kang received attention as a promising player with a promising future after going through Gwangyang Jecheol Middle School and Gwangyang Jecheol High School, the youth teams of the Jeonnam Dragons. Ji Dong-won, Kim Yeong-wook, Hwang Do-yeon, and other players who have made great strides through age groups, are classmates at Gwangyang Jecheol High School. After going to Sangji University, going through the draft and joining Busan I-Park in 2013, he proved his value by taking the lead position with his ability to brilliantly fill the vacancy of Kim Chang-soo, his ‘predecessor’, even though he was a rookie. Park Joon-gang, who played for Gwangju FC from 2021 to last year, joined Cheonan this year with the status of a free agent (FA) player.

Park Jun-gang, who joined the team, said, “I wanted to take on a new challenge as much as I wanted to continue playing soccer. This season, which I will spend in Cheonan, will be a new challenge for me.” Having already played 135 games during 10 seasons in the K-League, he came to Cheonan with a passion for challenges despite having a career worthy of being called a veteran. The situation of Cheonan, who entered the professional stage as a challenger, is in line with Park Jun-gang’s spirit of challenge.스포츠토토

Park Joon-gang’s main position is right-sided defender. His strengths are solid defense and fast speed that put pressure on opposing strikers. It is expected that Cheonan’s defensive power, which had many goals, will be greatly improved. In particular, considering the situation of a team with many players with little professional experience, it is worth looking forward to the advice from experience and the ability to lead in the field.

Park Joon-gang said, “It’s awkward to be the oldest in the team,” and “I didn’t stop exercising even before joining Cheonan. Since he has been steadily training individually to maintain his condition, he seems to be able to adapt quickly to team training. I will do well this season by helping my teammates.”

On the other hand, Cheonan is set to play against the Yangju Civic Football Team in the second round of the 2023 Hana One Q FA Cup held at Cheonan Sports Complex on the 30th. After the FA Cup, three days later, on the 2nd of next month, we will play the K-League 2 Round 5 home game against Jeonnam.

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