“I will come back stronger.”

Changwon LG was eliminated on the 18th at the Jamsil Student Gymnasium, allowing a sweep series with a 84-85 defeat in the 3rd game of the 2022-23 SKT Adot Pro Basketball Quarterfinals playoff against Seoul SK.

Every match was fierce, but in the end, I couldn’t laugh at the end. It was the quarterfinals, which was the first time in five years since the 2018-19 season, but LG’s spring ended like this.

After the match, LG coach Jo Sang-hyun said, “I was very excited, excited, and worried. He said, “I think the small achievements were achieved because the players followed well.” He has been through trial and error. He also said that the coaching staff and support staff followed him well.”먹튀검증

“The season is over. I felt a lot, and I have to prepare for the next one. I want to promise that I will come back stronger.”

The vacancy of Asem Marey, who left due to a calf injury, was too great. He urgently recruited Reggie Perry, but the results were not good compared to the expected effect. At the beginning of the 3rd game, he showed his worst performance as if he forgot to play the team.

Coach Cho said, “There were foreign players throughout this season. Marey as well as Dante (Cunningham) were all diligent and had no complaints or complaints. That’s why he was able to achieve results,” he said. I will take care of the foreign player issue now.”

In the last minute, 84-85, LG failed to intercept SK’s ball and the game ended as it was. This is probably the saddest scene. Coach Cho said, “It may be regrettable just looking at that scene, but looking at it overall, it has been a year since I took office, and I think it was a time for the players to get to know the direction I was pursuing. It may be a weakness to be weak in the game now, but I think I can make up for it in the future.”

Finally, coach Cho said, “This season is over. I think it’s a small achievement that LG’s defense was good. Last season, LG collapsed a lot in close matches. This season seems to have the power to do it to the end,” he said. “Players should enjoy the game. Only then can we become a strong team,” he concluded the interview.

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