Chris Barnett (36, USA), who was hit with a low blow by Myeong Hyun-man (37), challenges UFC 3 wins .

Barnett will face Chase Sherman (33, USA) in the heavyweight division at UFC 287: Ferreira vs Adesanya 2, which will be held on April 9 (Sun) at Miami-Dade Arena, Florida, USA.

Barnett is a friendly fighter who played an active part in the Korean group Road FC. In particular, it is famous for the two consecutive matches against Myung Hyeon-man in 2017. In the first game, unfortunately, he suffered a cut in his eye and lost by TKO. In the second match that followed, he was hit by a low blow and was in pain, then was hit by a punch after the fight resumed and lost by KO. 카지노사이트

Afterwards, Barnett regained his honor by winning two KOs against Shim Gun-oh (33).

Barnett made his UFC debut in May 2021 with a short-term offer against Ben Roswell. Although he lost by submission in his debut match, he performed well with 2 wins and 1 loss in the following match.

Barnett, who usually weighs 140kg, boasts a fat body, but possesses an unexpected charm with sharp kicks. The back kick finish from the 2021 Gian Villante match is typical. This is thanks to both his parents being black belts in taekwondo, so he learned taekwondo from the age of five.

Barnett, famous for his pathetic love, sent his wife to heaven in May of last year due to encephalitis. Barnett received a call two days before his fight with Martin Buday that his wife was in critical condition. However, as the head of the family, he forced the game to pay for his wife’s treatment and child support, causing regret.

This time, Sherman is a former American football player. He also played as a bare-handed boxer with powerful punches as his main weapon. The UFC record is 4 wins and 10 losses. Although he worked part-time as a firefighter until 2021. He is currently focusing on training in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Meanwhile, the match between Li Jingliang (34, China) and Michael Chiesa (35, USA), 13th in the welterweight ranking, will be held in the same tournament.

Li Jingliang is a fighter based in Wushu Santa, a Chinese martial art, and is the only Asian fighter since Kim Dong-hyun to successfully enter the UFC welterweight rankings. He also participated in the UFC 273: Volkanovski vs Korean Zombie press conference in April of last year, cheering on Jung Chan-sung’s featherweight title challenge as an Asian.

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