Jang Hyun-seok (18-Masan Yongmago) revealed why he signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

“I heard that the Dodgers have been watching me for a long time,” Jang said at his signing ceremony at the Seoul Dragon City Hotel on Thursday. I knew they were interested because I saw them occasionally in Seoul. I’m happy to be here with the Dodgers. It’s an honor to wear a Dodger uniform.”

In fact, there were many teams that were interested in Jang Hyun-seok. In fact, scouts from major league teams came to watch him play. On July 24, eight teams, including the Dodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Texas Rangers, and Cincinnati Reds, sent scouts to the 78th Cheongryonggi National High School Baseball Championship quarterfinal game against Jang Chung-go, held at Mokdong Stadium. Three of the teams, including the Dodgers, made formal offers to Jang.

The Dodgers won the battle for the top prospect in Korean baseball. The team’s active interest and sincerity won Jang over. The Dodgers traded a prospect to the Chicago White Sox to free up bonus pools for scouts. The Dodgers needed him, and they moved quickly to get him.

Jang is a fascinating player. As a high school sophomore, he turned heads with a 155+ mph fastball, and as a junior, he sharpened his arsenal of pitches – a curve, slider, and changeup – and added a major league sweeper to his arsenal.

If he continues to improve, he’ll be able to succeed in the major leagues. He’s also got great size at 6-foot-2. John Dibble, Director of Scouting for the Pacific Region, said, “He has a lot of different things going for him, including his velocity, pitches, and physicality. We especially like his fighting spirit on the mound,” said John Devil, director of scouting for the Pacific region.바카라사이트

“The Dodgers brought a video of my pitches to the meeting, analyzed them, and explained the organization well. I was attracted to them. The Dodgers are familiar with Korean players. I was told that the Dodgers were the best pitcher development organization out of the 30 teams, so I chose them.”

“It’s no secret that we’re good at developing pitchers. Our pitching has really taken off in Double-A. We have a great pitching director and coaches. I think Jang Hyun-huck will definitely improve,” he said.

Jang’s journey to the big leagues has begun. If he stays injury-free and progresses through the Dodgers’ developmental program, we could see him on the mound at Dodger Stadium, the home of the Dodgers.

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