I wrote more than Chelsea, but I was rejected.

Arsenal also rejected offers to sign Brighton midfielder Moises Caise. It is Brighton, which is immovable.

The 21-year-old Ecuador international Caicedo is heating up the final stages of the January transfer window. Chelsea and Liverpool coveted him, and even Arsenal jumped in. Caicedo also switched agents earlier this month, igniting rumors of a transfer. 메이저사이트

However, Brighton is threatening to sell Caicedo for less than £100m (approximately 152.7 billion won). He thought it was a bargaining chip at first, but he’s not ready to sell unless it’s for £100 million.

British media ‘Talk Sports’ reported that Arsenal offered a transfer fee of 60 million pounds (approximately 91.6 billion won), but was rejected by Brighton with a single knife. The media claimed that when it became known that Chelsea failed to offer £55m, Arsenal challenged them with a better offer, but Brighton did not respond. Even £60m is a huge transfer fee for a 21-year-old player.

Brighton brought Caicedo back in 2021 for just £5m. He debuted in the Premier League in April of last year and showed lightning-fast adaptability and established himself as the core of Brighton. His contract with Brighton runs through the summer of 2025. Caicedo maintains a principled attitude, saying, “I’m only focusing on Brighton. I’ve heard rumors, but I’m trying to focus on the club that opened the door for me to play.”

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