A fighting dream tree that overpowered a 143kg giant appeared. The talented person who surprised Yoon Hyung-bin as a mentor also draws attention.

On the 16th, while IHQ’s new concept short form OTT (online video service) Baba Yoga released the second episode of ‘Bang and Hook’, Yun Hyung-bin, who was in charge of mentoring the appearance of a fighting dreamer who can hold down a 143kg giant, also showed surprise by saying, “Wow.”

Bang and Hook’ is a youth fighting reality content created by Babayo and Road FC.

In the first episode, 16 contestants gathered at a training camp halfway up Mt. Chiak, Gangwon-do, and started a full-fledged skill test. 메이저사이트

In the second episode, the two contestants who drew the most attention in the first episode will start to test their skills. The main characters are Nam Gi-heon from Hanam Business High School, who is 184 cm tall and weighs 143 kg, and Jin Seong-hun from Indeok Science and Technology High School, who appeared as an atmosphere maker.

Prior to the skill test, Nam Ki-hoon showed confidence, saying, “I have to win against friends who are lower than me in one shot,” and Jin Seong-hoon replied, “I hate big people.”

Dongdaejeon High School’s Yoon Sang-hyun showed a reminded reaction, “It’s not a main event~ Main event!”

Even in the overwhelming weight class of Nam Gi-hoon, Jin Sung-hoon shows a figure that is not pushed. Rather, let’s lead the game, and the other challengers cheer for a long time. Hyungbin Yoon also exclaims, “Wow!”

Yoon Hyeong-bin, who plays the principal, goes to the loser Nam Ki-hoon after the game ends and gives sincere advice, saying, “I’m out of breath right now and can’t concentrate.” As a mentor, he was responsible for motivating and mental care.

In addition, in episode 2, Wooseok High School’s Eom Se-jin and Daesung Middle School’s Park Jin-woo’s skill test continued. The confrontation between Eom Se-jin, who focuses on ground skills, and Park Jin-woo, who is most confident in his left hook, also heightens tension.

The identity of the fighting dream tree who overpowered the 143kg giant can be seen on the 16th (today) at 6pm in the second episode of Babayo’s ‘Bang and Hook’.

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