PBA announces 17 men and women for ‘priority registration’ for 23/24 season
Kim Hyun-seok Lee Choong-bok Choklu… Morales also ‘return’
8.6% of 128 first-team tour players, including
Han Ji-eun and Jang Ga-yeon, 6 women joined LPBA

Daniel Sanchez (Spain), Semi Cygner (Turkey), Choi Seong-won and Lee Chung-bok will go directly to the PBA 1st division tour from the 23/24 season. Han Ji-eun, who ranked 1st and 2nd in the domestic women’s 3-cushion ranking, will also join the LPBA tour.

On the 3rd, the PBA (Professional Billiards Association) released 17 male and female players who passed the ‘priority registration’ for the 23/24 season. Among them, male players (11) will go directly to the PBA 1st division tour, and female players (6) will play in the LPBA. As a result, in the case of the first part tour, 8.6% (11) of the total 128 players were filled with priority registration players.

In addition to Sanchez, Cygner, and Choi Seong-won, players who went directly to the PBA 1st division tour included Turkiye strong players such as Muratnashi Choklu and Rupi Chennet.

In addition, new faces such as Kim Hyun-seok (Korea), Nguyen Duc An Chien (Vietnam), and Maxim Panaia (France), as well as Robinson Morales (Colombia) and Duong Ain Vu (Vietnam), who left the PBA, were selected as priority players for the 23-24 season. return to PBAㅋㅋㅋ벳

In the LPBA 23-24 season, six new players will join, including Han Ji-eun, Jang Ga-yeon, Kim Bo-reum, Sim Ji-yu, Jung Ye-jin, Luong Ti Tom (Vietnam).

Meanwhile, the PBA implemented a priority registration system for 3-cushion players around the world until the 30th of last month. Only for the players who applied, the PBA Competition Steering Committee comprehensively evaluated the winning players in domestic and international competitions and their performance, and announced the successful players.

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