Scott Rolen (48), who is considered to have the best third base defense ever, has dramatically entered the American Major League (ML) Hall of Fame and is helping other players.

The Hall of Fame side announced on the official website on the 25th (Korean time) that Rolen is the only inductee in 2023. He narrowly passed the entry standard of 75% with 76.3% of the vote, and this is only his 6th challenge after qualifying for the first time in 2018.

Rolen, who was the National League Rookie of the Year in 1997, was a player who came to mind when defending third base in the major leagues before Nolan Arenado (32, St. Louis). His 8 Gold Gloves, the 4th most among all-time third basemen, proves this. He was also decent in terms of attack power. He played in 2038 career games and recorded a batting average of 0.281, 316 homers, 1287 RBIs, 118 stolen bases, and an OPS of 0.855, and he hit 20 homers 10 times out of 17 seasons. He also won the Silver Slugger once and helped St. Louis win the World Series in 2006.

It was regrettable that he was a glass body, so that he played more than 140 games a year only 7 times. He naturally had a disappointing accumulation compared to other Hall of Fame inductees. Because of that, his first year’s vote share was poor at 10.2%.

However, he made a dramatic rebound from 2021. While some of his strong candidates have been eliminated, his value has been re-evaluated with the development of sabermetric defensive metrics. As a result, the vote rate, which was only 10.2% in the first year, jumped from 17.2%→35.3%→52.9%→63.2% to 76.3% this year, the sixth year. 카지노

Rolen’s entry seems to be a hope for other candidates who have strengths in defense rather than offense. A typical example is whether Andrew Jones (46), who is considered the best in major league history as far as center field defense, will enter.

Jones participated in 2196 games over 17 seasons in his career, batting average of 0.254, 434 home runs, 1289 RBIs, and OPS of 0.823. His true value is on defense, and he has won the Outfielder Gold Glove for 10 consecutive years since 1998, and has played a big role in helping Atlanta build a dynasty since the late 1990s.

Like Rolen, Jones’ lack of accumulation was pointed out as an obstacle to entering the Hall of Fame. He also suffered a sharp decline in his performance at the age of 30 due to knee injuries and other reasons, and in the first year of 2018, he was on the verge of being eliminated with 7.3%. However, similarly, from the third year, it started to attract votes from 19.4% → 33.9% → 41.4%, and this year, the sixth year, it exceeded the majority with 58.1%.

The American media, The Athletic, announced the news of Rolen’s entry into the Hall of Fame and said, “Jones made a historic leap (in Hall of Fame voting) with Todd Helton, Billy Wagner, and Gary Sheffield.” Who would have imagined he would get close to 60% of the vote. Jones should get at least 100 new votes over the next four years, which would be the first time in the history of the voting system that a player with less than 8% in year 1 would be inducted into the Hall of Fame. It will be,” he gazed.

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